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Springmop Pro Wet Mop Set – AL350, Yellow Code

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Professional quality wet mopping & cleaning system.


SpringMop Pro Wet Mop Set – AL350, Looped Ends, Yellow Code.

This high quality professional quality SpringMopPRO Wet Mop Set includes:

  1. SpringMop Aluminium Handle 140cm Length.
  2. SpringMop® PRO Cotton Mop Refill; Yellow Code, 350gms, Looped End.
  3. SpringMop® PRO Wet Mop Holder; Yellow Code


  • The mop handle is made up of aluminium which comes with a color-coded grip.
  • The PRO Wet Mop Holder is made up of high-quality impact-resistant & recyclable material.
  • The holder is user-friendly and unbreakable quality.
  • This PRO Wet Mop Set is perfect for manoeuvring in tight areas also.
  • SpringMop PRO Cotton Mop Refill is made of 100% regenerated, twisted cotton yarn.
  • The headband width is 2″ x 6″ for a better grip.
  • The looped end and stitched tail band offer great durability.
  • Ideal for small areas, medium areas & large areas also
  • The Pro Cotton Mop is launder-able.
  • Made for professional as well as DIY users.
  • This Aluminium handle will not bend in use and it is made for long-lasting durability.
  • The SpringMop Pro Wet Mop Set is smart & economical solution for your professional cleaning needs.
  • The refill and holder comes with individual poly pack.
  • The refill, holder & handle are available in HACCP Color Coding:
  • It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination.

Application: Wet mopping, floor cleaning, and sanitizing.

Areas of Usage: Hardwood, Wood laminate, Tiles, Linoleum, Marble, Formica, Painted Surfaces, etc.

How to Clean the Mop: Clean it under bucket water or rinse out under Faucet.

Use color-coded products as per the following:

  1. Red Colour – For toilets and bathroom.
  2. Blue Colour – For general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.
  3. Green Colour – For kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.
  4. Yellow Colour – For infected and critical areas like patient room, ICU, lift, etc.

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