Ossom HF1 – Luxury Foam Soap (2Ltrs Pack)

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Premium foaming hand soap with extra moisturizing effect.


Ossom HF1 – Luxury Foam Soap | 2Ltrs Pack

This Ossom HF1 Luxury Foam Soap is a premium foaming soap hand cleanser which gives rich lather and leaves your skin soft and fragrant.

  • It has balance formula for frequent use with extra moisturizing effect.
  • This premium hand washing foam soap is suitable for all refillable foam soap dispenser.
  • It is ideal for any environment.
  • Use premium foam soap at washrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, etc.
  • The HF1 comes with pleasant fragrance.

Application Methods:-

  • Firstly wet your hands.
  • Then dispense the required quantity of Luxury Foam Soap into the palm.
  • Ideally, scrub for 10-12 seconds your hands together, thoroughly.
  • Then rinse out under slow running water properly. If required, rinse again.
  • Finally, clean dry with disposable paper towel or under hand dryer.


  • Always shake well before using.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Store at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.

Health and Safety Measures:-

  • Always avoid inhalation and contact with eyes or skin.
  • In case of contact, firstly rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • If swallowed then do not induce vomiting.
  • After that, seek medical advice for immediate action.
  • Wear appropriate gloves and safety mask while handling concentrated product.
  • Always keep the jar tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Available Pack Sizes: 2 Litres.

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Ossom HF1 – Luxury Foam Soap (2Ltrs Pack)
460.33 276.20