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Ossom D4 KDO – Kitchen Drain Opener (5Ltrs Pack)

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Powerful and highly alkaline kitchen drain opening solution.


Ossom D4 KDO – Kitchen Drain Opener | Acid Free Declogger

OSSOM KDO Kitchen Drain Opener is the powerful, non-acidic, liquid kitchen drain opener. This highly alkaline liquid is the best de-clogging solution for commercial & home usage.

  • This Kitchen Drain Opener is easy to use & fast-acting solution against toughest clogs.
  • OSSOM KDO drain cleaner effectively dissolves and removes all organic materials like hair, grease, paper, food, soap scum, etc.
  • This kitchen sink opener is ideal for use in kitchen for blocked or slow running drains, grease traps, etc.
  • This powerful and highly alkaline kitchen drain declogger solution is acid free and safe for drain pipes.

Recommended Dilution:-

Ready to use (use undiluted).

Application Methods:-

– Larger or smaller drains may require more or less quantity.

  1. Pour approx. 300-400 ml of OSSOM® KDO slowly into clogged drain.
  2. Allow to stand 1 hour before flushing with hot water.
  3. Pour additional product if drain is not open in 15 minutes.


  • Firstly remove standing water, before pouring KDO directly into the drain.
  • Do not mix with ammonia or acid.
  • Do not dilute with water.


  • Shake well before using it.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Store at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.

Health and Safety Measures:-

  • Always avoid inhalation and contact with eyes or skin.
  • In case of contact, firstly rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • If swallowed then do not induce vomiting.
  • After that, seek medical advice for immediate action.
  • Wear appropriate gloves and safety mask while handling concentrated product.
  • Always keep the jar tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Available Pack Sizes:- 5 Liters.

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Ossom D4 Kdo - Kitchen Drain Opener | Acid Free Declogger Pin
Ossom D4 KDO – Kitchen Drain Opener (5Ltrs Pack)
1,125.73 675.44