OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® : Professional Cleaning Chemicals

As India’s most versatile provider of professional cleaning solutions, OSSOM EnviroCHEM Solutions innovative products and cleaning programs promote efficient, healthier, and sustainable practices that exceed performance expectation.

Optimizing OSSOM EnviroCHEM Solutions sustainable and conventional cleaning solutions will consistently exceed the required health, safety, environmental demands and requirements.

OSSOM EnviroCHEM Solutions innovative products are guaranteed by a dedicated team of highly qualified chemists, microbiologists and experienced technicians.

They research, guarantee quality and ensure government compliance, while developing industry leading cleaning solutions for our targeted market segment. Our facility includes a fully equipped lab which provide us with the ability to continuously develop the most efficient solutions.

Founded in 2008 with the goal and focus to provide effective & economic cleaning solutions while maintaining and enhancing health and safety standards.

Making sure channel partners are well educated about programs, procedures, and solutions allow us to guarantee a healthier, safer, and more sustainable environment.

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